Chapel and Cultural Center

The Rensselaer Chapel + Cultural Center will host the annual memorial service.

The Pillars of Rensselaer cordially invite members of the Rensselaer community, and extended Rensselaer family, to attend the annual Faculty-Staff Memorial Service honoring those faculty and staff who have passed away since the last memorial service. The service will be held beginning at 11 a.m. on Friday, March 31, in the Chapel + Cultural Center.

Active faculty and staff who passed will be eulogized, and the names of other deceased faculty and staff will be read and a candle will be lit in their honor. Light refreshments will follow the service. 

A eulogy will be given for:

Michele Edwards – Rensselaer Union

Mark Smith – Dean of Students

Elizabeth A. Distin Large – School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Pauline Oliveros – Professor of Music

Theresa ‘Terry’ A. Hayden – Computer Science

Names will be read and candles lit for:

Virginia M. Anderson – Registrar’s Office

Arlene A. Bestle – Finance / Houston Field House

Jean “Sheena” McLeod Bestle – Psychology

Kenneth Barry Bitter – Finance

William D. Bradley ’48, ’49G – Chemical Engineering

Carol A. Bryan

Willard Allen Bryant – Nuclear Engineering

Albert J. Buher – Physical Plant

Beverly Anne Carter

Catherine I. Charette – Mail Room

Robert J. Cramer

Lee Roger Desmond – Environmental Services

Katherine T. Deutsch – DotCIO

Victoria C. Mamone Dunson – Food Service

Byron Evans – Student Affairs

James P. Ferris – Chemistry

Mary Kellett Floyd – Admissions & Financial Aid

Florence A. Hupe Foley – Food Service

Joyce E. (Reckner) Foster – Food Service

Angelo Frascarelli – Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Jeffrey S. Fryar Sr. – Student Life

Rich Gilooly – Athletics

Diane VanArnum McNulty Gulum – Math and Science

Howard C. Jones – Mathematics

Herb Koster – University Affairs

James J. Levesque – Comptroller

Jan Lubas – Environmental Services

Robert K. MacCrone – Materials Engineering

Rita A. Martinoli – Folsom Library

William J. McGarry – Finance

Heinrich Adolf Medicus – Physics

Alan S. Meltzer – Physics

Mary E. Middleton – Environmental Services

Gerald Moss – Biomedical Engineering

Randy Norsworthy – Lally School of Management

Ruth E. (Pratt) Pettit

Tawfik Raby – Nuclear Engineering

Pamela I. Behan Ragone – Career Placement

Julia Ann Rizzo

Robert V. Sands – Lally School of Management

Robert D. Saunders – Athletics

Rudolph Joseph Scavuzzo Jr. – Mechanical Engineering

John G. Schatz Jr. – School of Engineering

Ernest A. Seglie – Physics

Thomas Reid Stanwood – Development

Christine Stephenson – Civil and Environmental Engineering

Margaret Burek Verville – SCOREC

Melodie Warner (Graham W. Zeh) – Public Relations

Leslie R. Winner – Transportation

Barbara Mrozik Wolff – Financial Aid

Rose Anne Wolk – Dean’s Office

Paul F. Yergin – Physics

Houman Younessi ’83, ’09G – Computer Science