Emergency situations are often unpredictable and evolve quickly. Yet in the midst of chaos, anyone can play an integral role in mitigating the impact of a dangerous situation, such as an active shooter event, if properly prepared.

What can you do?

  1. Complete active shooter training online. Learn about the RUN-HIDE-FIGHT approach and emergency response protocols, including what to expect from law enforcement responders, Rensselaer’s Department of Public Safety, and RPIAlert communications. To complete the training, visit the Human Resources Skillport site.
  2. Sign up for RPIAlert. This urgent mass notification system is used by Rensselaer to alert the campus of an active campus emergency. Notifications include text, voice, and email messages. Visit RPIAlert to sign up or to verify and update your information so you receive notifications and instructions during an event.
  3. Be aware of the on-campus training exercise this spring. Safety of the campus community is paramount. To test emergency management protocols, Rensselaer will conduct an active shooter training exercise on campus this spring.