Human Resources recently hosted the 43rd annual Employee Service Recognition and Retirement Dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn. Employees who have completed service in five-year increments were honored, as well as employees who retired during the last fiscal year.

“Fifteen years ago, I presented The Rensselaer Plan to the Board of Trustees for approval; it was guided by three fundamental markers: excellence, leadership, and community,” said President Shirley Ann Jackson in her remarks.

“The people in this room have so embodied those qualities that, today, as we approach the third century of our history, we are preparing ourselves to be newly transformative in the world: in research with global reach and global impact, in our pedagogical innovation, and in the lives 
of the talented young men and women we educate at Rensselaer.”

“This annual event is a wonderful Rensselaer tradition and an opportunity to formally thank our staff for their service, commitment, and contributions to Rensselaer,” said Curtis Powell, vice president for human resources.

“The president has designated ‘resilient leadership’ as the theme for the entire Rensselaer community this year,” Powell said. “For staff, being resilient is their continuous commitment to Rensselaer, to our students; to the work they do; and their commitment to each other.”

Following is a list of this year’s honorees. Be sure to congratulate them when you see them!

Division of Administration

Randhal Apjohn–5 years
Rita Badger–15 years
Kevin Bates–15 years
William Bradshaw–36 years, Retiree
Steven Burleski–5 years
Larry Bush–10 years
Tammy Cameron–20 years
James Canfield–5 years
James Cole–10 years
Melissa Coughlin–15 years
James Craig–5 years
Alex Crandall–5 years
Matthew Dahl–5 years
Marcie DelVecchio–40 years
James Dickson–10 years
Cathleen DiDio–43 years, Retiree
Kevin Fogarty–30 years
Alan Foulger–12 years, Retiree
Paul Galbraith–40 years
Thomas Gallagher–5 years
Timothy Geren–5 years
Jason Hill–5 years
Michael Hoffman–5 years
William Hogan–10 years, Retiree
Michael Kaczor–25 years
Arthur Kilmer–37 years, Retiree
Ethan Kirk–5 years
Timothy Knapp–5 years
Stanley Korsak–5 years
Rachael Kruse–5 years
Tadeusz Kulawiak–5 years
Priscilla LeFevre–5 years
Shannon Miller–5 years
Stephen Moise–20 years
Dennis Monty–40 years
Sean Murphy–5 years
Mandy Niegoda–10 years
Leslie Norton–15 years
Forest Ordway–35 years
Nancy Osborne–10 years
Vincent Pagano–30 years
Jo Ann Powers–25 years
Lydia Prescillas–8 years, Retiree
Swaran Rataul–10 years
David Roberts–5 years
Michael Schermerhorn–5 years
Steven Schwan–15 years
Paul Seebald–40 years
Thomas Shaw–5 years
Joan Skiba–5 years
Wayne Snow–15 years
Lynn St. Pierre–5 years
Edward Staats–35 years
Michael Swinton–5 years
Judith Thier–30 years
Jose Vasquez–10 years
Thomas Vassello–5 years
Matthew Waryas–5 years
Lawrence Weaver–29 years, Retiree
Michael Wells–10 years
Michael Yamin–10 years
Robert Young–10 years


Eric Brucker–5 years
Zhenelle Falk–5 years
Kimberly Gardner–15 years
Stephen McLaughlin–5 years

Division of Enrollment

R. Ellen Campbell–35 years
Heather Hansen–5 years
Christina Murray–5 years
Julia Schatz–5 years
Kathleen Wagar–10 years

Division of Finance

Gayle Afinowicz–40 years
Angelo Chrisomalis–5 years
Laura Rougia–10 years
Angela Stark–25 years

Division of Human Resources

Larry Hardy–5 years
Marie McDowell–10 years
Jacquelyn Turner–15 years
Jennifer Wicks–5 years

Graduate and Undergraduate Education

Mary D’Amico–24 years, Retiree
Jennifer Fredericks–5 years
Bruce Laplante–17 years, Retiree
Alicia Randazzo–5 years

Division of Institute Advancement

Bethany Beaudoin–15 years
Patricia Besso–15 years
Jacquelyn Cioffi–15 years
Barbara Clau–15 years
Tracey Discanio–20 years
Elizabeth Discanio–30 years
Kelly Douglas–10 years
Kathy Durivage–13 years, Retiree
Suzanne Maselli–6 years, Retiree
Nancy Mowers–30 years
Suzanne Roberson–15 years

Division of Strategic Communications & External Relations

Ellen Katzman–25 years
Mary Martialay–5 years
Jessica Otitigbe–10 years

Rensselaer at Hartford

Linda Knaack–7 years, Retiree
Patricia O’Brien–16 years, Retiree
Gary Trail–27 years, Retiree

Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer & New Ventures

Arundhati Banerjee – 5 years

Division of Student Life

Christine Allard–20 years
Steven Allard–25 years
Keith Anderson–20 years
Michael Bayer–15 years
Sharon Bearup–20 years
Kevin Boomhower–30 years, Retiree
Kathleen Burniche–32 years, Retiree
Milton Claydon–33 years, Retiree
Shelia Czarnick–29 years, Retiree
Monica Durivagev30 years
Iris Fernandez–20 years, Retiree
Kim Forette–25 years, Retiree
Lorna Guyett–20 years
Kimberly Herkert–25 years
James Knowlton–7 years, Retiree
Amber Maisonet–5 years
Randi Mogul–5 years
Charlene Norton–19 years, Retiree
Elizabeth Pasinella–35 years
Tera Patenaude–5 years
Norris Pearson–20 years
Jewel Robinson–10 years
Scott Sasenbury–5 years
Jonathan Satkowski–5 years
Walter Sessions Jr.–25 years
Tami Simmons–5 years
Christina Smith–5 years
Holly Steciuk–20 years
Bryan Vines–5 years
Joseph Vrablic–5 years
Maria Zanotta– 35 years, Retiree

Division of the Chief Information Officer

Michael Addario–30 years
William Bowman–17 years, Retiree
Jeffrey Burdyl–23 years, Retiree
John Crawford–5 years
Jeffrey Degnan–5 years
Michael Douglass–24 years, Retiree
John Fuchs–20 years
Roberta Harris–28 years, Retiree
Francis Hill–15 years
Michael Hill–15 years
Colette Holmes–34 years, Retiree
Jeanne Keefe–34 years, Retiree
Edgar Kreiger–35 years
Sharon Marchaland–15 years
Robert Mayo–13 years, Retiree
Mark Mickiewicz–35 years
James Schatz–35 years
Edward Seeger–20 years
Michael Sofka–20 years
Grace Vega–5 years
Otis Williams–28 years, Retiree
Lorianne Winslow–40 years
Ling Zhang–15 years

Office of the President

John Alaskey–10 years
Theresa Bourgeois–11 years, Retiree
Charles Carletta–15 years
Karyl Contois–15 years
Prabhat Hajela–25 years
Curtis Powell–15 years

Office of the Povost

Evan Douglis–5
Shekhar Garde–15
Cynthia Novak–40

Lally School of Management

Laureen Beach–15 years
Sonja Francis–5 years

School of Architecture

Jean Freyssinier Nova–10 years
Patricia Rizzo–15 years, Retiree
Yiting Zhu–5 years

School of Engineering

Colleen Bonesteel–35 years
Peter Brand–30 years
Lauretta Carroll–12 years, Retiree
Dana Chichester–15 years
Steven Dombrowski–35 years
Phylis Federici–40 years
William Flaherty–30 years
Meeli Leith–30 years
Randy McDougall–15 years
Silvia Mioc–5 years
George Narode–38 years, Retiree
Janet Pertierra–30 years
Donna Tomlinson–25 years
Donald VanSteele –25 years
Audrey Larkin Zurlo–15 years

School of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

Elizabeth Osganian–35 years

School of Science

Bonnie Carson–35 years
George Edick–32 years, Retiree
Joanne Hamilton–7 years, Retiree
Sheba Hargrove–5 years
Michele Kronau–30 years
Pamela Paslow–35 years
Joan Perras–25 years
Nicholas Tailby–5 years

Division of Research

John Barthel–40 years
Dorota Ciesielczyk–15 years
Marc Douaisi–5 years
Lawrence Eichler–35 years
Denise Elwell–25 years
Jeremy Farrell–10 years
Collin Hitchcockv5 years
Qinglan Huang–5 years
Barbara Jordan–5 years
Seok Joon Kwon–10 years
Joel Morgan–10 years
Elena Paskaleva–5 years
Tanya Rautine–25 years
Joelle Willis–12 years, Retiree
David Winkler–15 years
Ke Xia–10 years
Jeannette Young–10 years, Retiree