Rensselaer faculty members were honored with annual Institute awards recognizing their service and accomplishments at the 55th annual Faculty Recognition Dinner, which was held at the Heffner Alumni House May 1.

“We thank all of those we honor tonight for helping to make Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute into a transformative force in the global impact of our research, in pedagogical innovation, and in the lives of our students,” said President Shirley Ann Jackson at the ceremony. “Because you so brilliantly, consistently, and productively balance the competing demands of teaching and conducting research—achieving excellence within each realm—Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute continues to rise in stature. We are enormously proud of your outstanding research—and of the recognition you bring to Rensselaer.

“We are proud, as well, of the talents and gifts that you bring to your teaching,” she continued. “You pursue pedagogical advances, engaging with students with new technologies and ideas that promote enriched cognition and learning. Moreover, you inspire those whom you teach. One need only read the letters written by students nominating you for awards to fully appreciate the impact that your dedication, devotion, and commitment has on them.”

Honoring 25 Years of Service

Kristin Bennett

Thierry Blanchet

Steven Breyman

Honoring 30 Years of Service

John Mitchell

John Wen

Mark Rea

Charles Stewart

Michael Kalsher

  1. Wayne Bequette

Joel Plawsky


Honoring 35 Years of Service

Mark Embrechts

Kenneth Vastola


Honoring 40 Years of Service

Georges Belfort

Michael Hanna

Caren Canier

Mark Holmes

Randolph Franklin

45 Years of Service

Thomas Zimmie

Honoring 50 Years of Service

Joseph Ecker

Retiring Faculty

Susan Sanderson

Michael Fortun

Richard Bopp

Arturo Estrella

Sastry Sreepada

Mukkai Krishnamoorthy

Faye Duchin

Wei Zhou

Wayne Roberge

Russell Leslie



William H. Wiley 1866 Distinguished Faculty Award: Joe Chow, Institute Professor of Engineering

James M. Tien ’66 Early Career Award for Faculty: Lirong Xia, assistant professor of computer science

Jerome Fischbach ’38 Faculty Travel Award: Ishwara Bhat, professor of electrical, computer, and systems engineering

Class of 1951 Outstanding Teaching Development Grant: Rob Hamilton, assistant professor of the arts

Trustees’ Outstanding Teacher Award: Rich Radke, professor of electrical, computer, and systems engineering