Chapel and Cultural CenterThe Pillars of Rensselaer cordially invite all members of the Rensselaer community and the extended Rensselaer family to attend the annual memorial service honoring those faculty and staff who have passed away during the last year. Light refreshments will follow the service.

“We invite you to attend this event in remembrance of our colleagues,” the Pillars said in the invitation. Those who passed away while in service to Rensselaer will be eulogized. All others will have their names read and a candle lit in their honor.

A eulogy will be given for:

Denise Gely | Environmental Services

Names will be read and candles lit for:

Sandra Alderman | RPI Bookstore

Mary M. Arnold

Russell Bates | Plumbing

Mary M. Beierschoder | Chaplain’s Office

Judith Matisoff Block | Lighting Research Center

Michael Joseph Casey | Civil & Environmental Eng.

Jack Bartley Chaddock | Mechanical Engineering

William D. Chamberlain | Houston Field House

Edward Collins | Engineering

Fred N. Dickman Jr. |  Civil Engineering

Robert E. Duffy ’51, ’54G, ’56Ph.D. | Aero. Eng.

Felix G. Farina | Paint Shop

Gordon B. Fiddes | Engineering

Augusta Field | Advising & Learning Assistance Ctr.

Virginia R. Fitzgerald | School of Architecture

William Nelson Gill, Ph.D. | Chemical Engineering

Ralph Haskell | Chemistry

Helen Hayes | President’s Office

Maybelle White Hebert | Navy ROTC

David C. Howard Jr. | Purchasing

Gerald “Jerry” Hoyt | Sodexo

George R. Jensen Jr. | RPI Print Shop

Claire Q. Jones | Purchasing

Barbara A. Killimayer | Library

Raymond Allen Lancaster | Finance

Margaret Ann McCarthy Leathem | Chaplain’s Office

Jerold “Jay” Joseph Lewandowski ’92 | Engineering

Rolland Frederick “Jack” Lovering Jr. | Electrician

Bornelius Timothy Moynihan | Materials Sci. & Eng.

George W. Pearsall ’55 | Materials Science & Eng.

Anna C. Perrotti | Nutrition & Dietary

Sally A. Purcell | Physical Plant

John S. Rebel | Physical Plant-HVAC

Meta Reid ’03G | Women’s Basketball Acad. Liaison

Carolyn Meredith Reynolds | Auxiliary Services

Richard P. Riendeau | Football Coach

Mary A. Risley | Environmental Services

Marcello “Marc” A. Ruggeri | Lally School of Mgt.

John C. Salerno | Biology

Kathleen E. “Kandy” Shannon’71,’80G | Athletics

Josephine M. Depta Sidur

James A. Steen

G.E. “Ted” Strader | RPI Print Shop

Barry A. Taylor ’56 | Lally School of Management

John C. Truman ’43, ’50G | Aeronautical Eng.

Ruth Fairbairn Varley

Linda M. Veiga | Physical Plant

Kathleen C. Whalen | Environmental Services

William A. Whyland, M.D. | Athletics

Joanne Wielewinski | Finance

Alice Keene Richardson Wilson | Library

Alexej “Alex” Wynnyczuk | Economics