A discussion on the potential economic impacts of enterprise systems kicked off the spring semester’s Center for Financial Studies (CFS) Research and Industry Seminar Series at the Lally School of Management.

On January 31, the center hosted Alfred Liu, assistant professor in the School of Business at the University at Albany, who presented, “Real Activities Management and Volatility of Operating Cash Flows: The Impact of Enterprise Systems.” Liu’s research provided insights on the potential positive economic impacts of enterprise systems on investment efficiency and risk management. Enterprise systems are information technology applications that give support, automation, and integration of an organization’s business processes.

CFS is directed by Chanaka Edirisinghe, the Kay and Jackson Tai ’72 Senior Professor, and strives to foster highest-quality research and learning in the fields of quantitative finance, risk management, corporate finance, financial intermediation, and capital markets. To that end, the center produces industry events, hosts and participates in national competitions, provides professional training and data repositories, conducts workshops, and guides faculty and student research opportunities.

Essential hands-on experience for students offered by the center includes access to technology and a computer lab, financial and statistical software, a variety of financial databases, and access to Bloomberg terminals.

“The mission of CFS is to actively participate and foster partnerships in education and innovation in addressing problems of mitigating risks and other challenges facing the financial industry, particularly with respect to credit and investment risk, regulatory and corporate issues, and spill-over of financial risks to other parts of the economy,” said Edirisinghe. “Our seminar series is one of the multiple ways CFS shares knowledge and discovery through research and industry speakers that can share best practices and topic-specific solutions.”