Every Day Matters

GE Global Research has joined the Data Science Research Center (DSRC) Industry Affiliates Program at Rensselaer. With a $30,000 commitment, GE Global Research becomes a part of a growing number of corporate partners that will collaborate to shape the future of data science by building strategic relationships, networking, and participating in cutting-edge research and education.

“We are pleased to welcome GE Global Research as a member of the DSRC Industry Affiliates Program,” said Bulent Yener, the center director and professor of computer science. “With their support and participation, we will be able to maximize our resources and be better positioned to address complex, Big Data challenges in the area of cybersecurity, with a particular focus on network anomaly detection, malware analysis, trusted embedded systems, and complex attack vector detection.”

“Data science, combined with industrial Big Data, allows us to glean valuable insight in the context of our daily work to drive better business outcomes and significantly impact industries,” said Andy Deitsch, Technology Leader for GE Software. “The increased importance of data science across various markets is clear, but simply getting an answer is not useful if it doesn’t have meaning. We must know the right questions to ask. GE’s partnership with the Rensselaer DSRC will allow us to support them in their ongoing effort to develop the tools and techniques critical for scientists to ask the right questions. The answers will allow them to gain original insights into the Big Data being captured today by the Industrial Internet.”

Staffed by a multidisciplinary team of over 40 faculty members, one objective of the DSRC is technology transfer to industrial members of DSRC and ultimately to the public so that consumers and humanity may enjoy the wide-ranging benefits of DSRC technology. The DSRC provides support and infrastructure to members in solving complex data-centric and data-intensive research problems. The DSRC is in the process of seeking additional corporate partners, offering two tiers of industrial membership: full industrial membership and affiliate industrial membership.  Each membership receives benefits corresponding to their level of investment.

For more information on the diverse research endeavors launched at Rensselaer, visit www.dsrc.rpi.edu.