Lally School of Management undergraduate students Kyle Brody ’14 and Isaac Syed ’14 won third place in the MIS category at the Inter-Collegiate Business Competition (ICBC) in Canada over winter break. The ICBC is Canada’s premier undergraduate business case competition.

The ICBC final round is a four-day event that includes a variety of networking events with other participants, volunteers, and sponsors. The competition itself occurs over two days, featuring four events each day. Students arrive in the morning and receive a business case in their respective discipline, for which they have five and a half hours to analyze and prepare a comprehensive presentation to solve the problem.

“The competition was stiff and it was our first time attending, but with the exceptional coaching by Professor Dorit Nevo, the excellent instruction of our professors at Rensselaer, and strong teamwork, we were able to successfully place,” said Syed.

Lally Business Competition

(L-R) ICBC co-chairs Ziming Yang and Samir Kulkarni join Lally undergraduate students Isaac Syed ’14 and Kyle Brody ’14, who placed third in the MIS category of the business plan competition.

Students must then present their case in front of a panel of judges—leaders from the respective industry and sponsors. This is followed by a question-and-answer period and feedback on their performance.

“Placing third in the final round of ICBC is a great accomplishment,” said Dorit Nevo, associate professor of information systems in the Lally School of Management. “This is an intense competition that hosts the best business school teams from Canada as well as internationally. I am very proud of our students’ success and hope that we can continue to build a strong competition team for future events.”

“One of the best moments of the competition was the opportunity to have dinner with students from Hong Kong and Canada,” said Brody.