weR Gold Organization

WeR: The Spirit of Rensselaer is one of the award-winning student/alumni programs from the Office of Alumni Relations.

The Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Affiliated Student Advancement Programs (ASAP) is publishing a book this summer on the topic of transitioning students to alumni, called Lasting Impressions. Award-winning student/alumni programs from the Rensselaer Office of Alumni Relations—including the Red & White Student Organization, Alum101, and weR Gold—will be featured in a chapter authored by Geoff Seber, manager of alumni programs.

Rensselaer has nurtured a student and young alumni program throughout the last decade that has garnered recognition as a best practice in the field. The Red & White Student Organization, whose members serve as ambassadors of Rensselaer representing the Institute to alumni, the campus, and the community, has been recognized two times with a National Award from CASE ASAP as the outstanding student alumni association nationally, and the group’s adviser and student leaders were also recognized as the best in the country. Red & White programs such as Study Days at the Heffner Alumni House and the Traditions Tour for incoming students during NRB, and young alumni programs such as Alum101, which teach soon-to-be graduates about topics such as cooking, investing, and moving to a new location, have also garnered numerous awards. The weR Gold program, a crowdfunding program that helps to raise funds for student projects and clubs, serves as a model for other similar programs around the country.

“These programs allow students to connect with alumni to the benefit of both groups,” said Seber. “We help to transition them to life after graduation, and create involved, supportive alumni from our amazing students.”

Lasting Impressions is a compilation of information from advisers and schools across the country including Georgia State University, Ithaca College, University of Idaho, Butler University, and Seton Hall University, among others. The book will be released in July, and will be available from CASE ASAP.

To read more about the Office of Alumni Relations student/alumni programs, visit the Rensselaer Alumni Association website.