Current members of the Phalanx and White Key honor societies welcomed this year’s inductees and special honorees at the tapping ceremony March 26.

Twenty-five students have been inducted into the Rensselaer Phalanx Honor Society for 2016. Phalanx honors student leadership, service, and devotion to the university, and celebrates those who have “worked to better the standing of Rensselaer both on and off campus.” New members were selected—or tapped—by the student members of Phalanx during a ceremony on March 26 at the Heffner Alumni House.

In addition, 19 students were inducted in the White Key Society, the junior honor society.

The keynote address was delivered by Virginia Gregg, vice president for finance and chief financial officer, on behalf of President Jackson.

“Since the first induction in 1912, The Phalanx has recognized students who distinguish themselves in three key areas: leadership, service, and devotion to Rensselaer,” Gregg said. “In 1939, our junior Honor Society, the White Key Society, was founded to recognize the most promising leaders among the freshmen and sophomore classes.

“As you know, the word “phalanx” originated in Ancient Greece, where it was used to describe a military formation, in which foot soldiers gained strength by marching shoulder-to-shoulder against their enemies. We are particularly proud that our predecessors at Rensselaer so clearly understood the force represented by civic-minded young people moving forward, shoulder to shoulder,” Gregg said.


2016 Phalanx Inductees

Charles Bittner ’16

Michael Caiola ’13G, ’16Ph.D.

Kiani Conley-Wilson ’17

Donna Creighton ’16

Niyati Desai ’16

Nicholas Dvorak ’16

Grace Erdman ’17

Ilisel Espinal ’16

Christopher Flood ’16

Sarah Giddings ’16

Ian Gross ’17

Christopher Hoskins ’17

Emily Laurilliard ’16

Robb Lauzon ’18Ph.D.

Christopher Markum ’17

Matthew Poegel ’17

Elise Romberger ’16

Brittany Rupp ’16

Cory Sago ’16, ’16G

Morgan Schweitzer ’16

Sarah Straub ’16

Nicholas Thompson ’11, ’11G, ’1

Alexandra Wells ’16

Michael Wentworth ’17

Alexander Yin ’16


2016 Honorary Phalanx Inductees

Thomas J. Cooley Sr.

Elizabeth Herkenham

Eric Ledet ’95G, ’03Ph.D.


2016 White Key Inductees

Elizabeth Alderman ’18

Louis-Xavier Barrette ’18

Krystyna Farrell ’18

Tatyana Fortune ’18

Melanie Frank ’18

Elizabeth Gjini ’19

Stephanie Kern-Allely ’18

Alexandra Kotsakis ’18

Elizabeth Kwon ’18

Harrison Leinweber ’18

Cameron Mine ’18

Donna Grace Moleta ’17

Christina Papini ’17

Victoria Phan ’18

Hannah Rabinowitz ’18

Matthew Rand ’19

Ian Rios ’18

Elisabeth Ryan ’19

Roshni Vachhani ’18


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