At the annual Science, Technology, Arts at Rensselaer (STAR) program, 126 students representing 24 states got a glimpse of campus life at Rensselaer through a variety of programs.

In continuing efforts to reach out to academically talented and underrepresented minorities and young women from across the country, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions hosted the annual Science, Technology, Arts at Rensselaer (STAR) program Oct. 15-17.

In its 12th year, the program provides high school seniors with an opportunity to get a glimpse of campus life at Rensselaer through a variety of programs, including attending classes with student hosts; leadership and team-building training with the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development; panel discussions with students; informational sessions on admissions, financial aid, and student life; and cultural offerings, tours, and dinners.

This year, 126 students representing 24 states participated in the program. In welcome remarks to the students, Rensselaer President Shirley Ann Jackson shared highlights of the kind of education, and life experiences, that students would receive at Rensselaer.

“Rensselaer itself remains intent on being transformative in the global impact of our research, in the innovative ways we teach and learn here, and most importantly, in the lives of our students,” President Jackson said.

“We have a vision for ourselves that we call The New Polytechnic—which recognizes that the challenges the world faces are global and interconnected, such as climate change, and our supplies of food, water, and energy—and that like all challenges, there are opportunities within them, for those able to perceive them. These challenges and opportunities can be addressed only by vigorous collaborations across disciplines, sectors, and geographies. People with very different perspectives and experiences must come together.

“At Rensselaer, you will develop intellectual agility, multicultural sophistication, and a global view. You instantly will find yourself engaged in addressing large questions, and using cutting-edge technologies,” President Jackson added.

This year, the program was coordinated by Meghan Griggs, admissions counselor; Theresa Kelly, assistant director; and Kathi Chaszczewski, senior event planner for admissions.

Beyond academic and information sessions, the visiting students also had the opportunity to attend a dinner and reception with students, faculty, and staff members. They also took part in several social events hosted by Rensselaer Union student organizations and fraternities, including the Society of Hispanic and Professional Engineers, Phi Iota Alpha, Sigma Delta Inc., UPAC Cinema, and the Multicultural Greek Council, among others.