Preliminary results of stem cell research projects sponsored by the Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies (CBIS) were displayed during a poster session and researcher networking lunch held December 2, in the CBIS auditorium and the Senator William H. Hernstadt ’57 and Jerene Yap Hernstadt Gallery.

CBIS initiated a competitive seed grant program in the summer of 2013 to stimulate use of the Center for Stem Cell Research, which was launched in June 2012 within CBIS, according to Glenn Monastersky, operations director. Monastersky is also principal investigator of a $2.45 million grant from the New York State Stem Cell Science Program, which helped establish the center.

Glenn Monastersky

Glenn Monastersky

Monastersky said the center offers sophisticated robotic, tissue culture, and cellular imaging tools including low oxygen systems that are optimized for stem cell growth and experimentation, including an Olympus VivaView incubator system and a ThermoFisher ArrayScan high-content imaging and screening platform.

“These state-of-the-art systems enable investigators to track the differentiation and development of stem cells into target cell types in optimal cell culture conditions,” said Monastersky. “The center has a dedicated professional staff, including Brigitte Arduini, director of the core, and a stem cell research technician, who train and assist all users as needed.” All research within the stem cell core is supported by the availability of adjacent core facilities in advanced microscopy, nanotechnology, analytical biochemistry, proteomics, and bioimaging.

Seven faculty members received a total of more than $23,000 in funds, as well as materials, enabling them to perform stem cell research within the Center for Stem Cell Research and adjacent CBIS research core laboratories. Recipients include Wilfredo Colon, professor of chemistry and chemical biology and associate dean of science for research; David Corr, associate professor of biomedical engineering; Ryan Gilbert, associate professor of biomedical engineering; Mariah Hahn, associate professor of biomedical engineering; Ravi Kane, the P.K. Lashmet Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering; and Chunyu Wang, associate professor of biology.

The Stem Cell Research Core Facility is focused on training new stem cell researchers and supporting a wide array of stem cell research projects.