Doctoral student Hilal Pataci ’24 decided to pursue a Ph.D. in management because of her interest in how technology impacts organizations. “I am fascinated with how technological advancements can transform business operations and strategies,” she said.

Due to its long history of pioneering cutting-edge technologies, RPI was a great fit for her. “The potential to contribute to and shape discussions around emerging trends and challenges in information systems deeply motivates me,” Pataci said.

Her research focuses on the impact of information security risks on strategic decision-making within organizations. More specifically, she studies the financial and operational consequences of data breaches to enhance corporate governance, refine cybersecurity practices, and better manage information security threats. “It’s the complexity and the constant evolution of threats that keeps my passion alive, fueling my desire to contribute to and expand our understanding in this area.”

During her time at RPI, Pataci worked at IBM Research as part of the RPI-IBM Externship Program, a dedicated time for students to work directly with IBM staff to accomplish specific research goals. Her Externship allowed her the opportunity to collaborate with renowned industry experts and access state-of-the-art technologies. “It fundamentally transformed my research approach, introducing me to innovative methods and tools that have since guided my academic and professional endeavors,” she said.

On May 18, Pataci will graduate with her Ph.D. in management with a specialty in information systems, after successfully defending her dissertation in summer of 2023. “It was a thrilling culmination of years of hard work, sprinkled with a dose of relief and excitement,” she said.

Last fall, Pataci started her career as a tenure-track assistant professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio. “I am excited about the opportunity to teach and mentor the next generation of students, sharing my passion for information systems, and to help them cultivate their skills and knowledge in this dynamic field.”